Thursday, January 28, 2021

Hell hath no fury like a snowflake that can't get a Frappuccino

Demonstrators who marched through Downtown Seattle Wednesday night, vandalized the storefront of the original Starbucks store as they made their way through Pike Place Market, the police department said. 


  1. OK, entering Congress is one thing, but entering StarSucks is unacceptable.
    Has Pelosi given the 'shoot to kill' order yet?

  2. To funny. They need to ratchet there shit up more

  3. I've never been in a starbucks. No idea what those people are drinking with the whipped cream on top. Whats a frappuccino? I do read and I've read stuff like a double pump of some crap, some spice and other stuff. Sounds like a melted candy bar in a cup to me. Gimme a cup a black coffee heavy on the black.

  4. What I find humorous about all of this is that the Left thought they could "use" this momentum to help swing the election in their favor. One thing they didn't think about is that they would want something in return. Now they're protesting Joe Biden and attacking Democratic Party headquarters...the irony is palpable.

  5. On the same night, in nearby Portland, rioters attacked a Democratic Party headquarters and several other buildings, resulting in clashes with police
    ahhh so now quid pro joe is firmly entrenched in the whitehouse, protected by barriers and 25000 armed soldiers, its called what it really is a fucking RIOT!


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