Friday, February 19, 2021

Only in Alaska.....

A bear injured a woman’s backside while she was using an outhouse last week on a backcountry trip in the Haines area, local public radio station KHNS reported. 

Shannon Stevens was staying in a yurt on Chilkat Lake for the weekend with her brother, Erik, and his girlfriend, the radio station reported. After the three made sausages for dinner over an open fire Saturday evening, Shannon Stevens went to use the outhouse, according to KHNS.


  1. So I guess the bear DOESN'T shit in the woods anymore,they're using outhouses now too. Interesting. Now the question is how in the heck did he get in there to start with, and yes I'd be a bit P/O'd if someone was dropping a deuce on my head

  2. [rocketride]
    Even if you'd voluntarily entered a pit that already had a lot of 'deuce' in it?

  3. Could also be most of Russia. Something like 20 % of the population have no running water indoors and are stuck with an outhouse.


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