Friday, February 19, 2021

Faith Over Fear

An eight-year-old boy came into my office the other day. He sat on the examination table while his father waited in an adjacent chair. The boy had a mask on — you know the type, homemade with a cute design on the front. His father had no mask. 

The boy had been brought to my office to have his injured ankle evaluated, twisted while playing basketball with his friends in the park. "You can take your mask off if you would like," I told the boy. He glanced over at his unmasked father. "It's okay, son, you can take it off," said the boy's father. The boy looked back at me and then at his father again. "No, it's okay, I'll just leave it on...I'm used to it," he replied. 


  1. This country is so fucked with retards trying to “run” it.

    1. What about the retards complying and not questioning? Masks do not work. This breaks my heart. It is almost impossible for an 8 year old boy to get covid. If he did, it wouldn't be serious. The social damage done by these monsters is enormous.

    2. Exactly....
      2nd and 3rd order affects are never considered.


  2. Every time you see an infant in a stroller looking up at masked adults think of what message the little guy or gal is getting about life as a 'human'. Sadder than sad.


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