Friday, February 12, 2021

Stupid is as stupid does

The dumb demonstrated here is at a level of colossal, it should merit its own niche in the pantheon of bad decisions. 

Vegas Man Shot 14 Times Outside a Vegas Gun Range 
Las Vegas — Officers were called at 11:59 a.m. last Weds to The Range 702, at 5999 Dean Martin Drive, after an employee reported that a man had been caught rifling through a customer’s bag during a break from a concealed carry permit course . Range employees escorted the man, Marvin Payton Jr, 27 outside to await the police.


  1. Marvon.....well at least there weren't any " in his name.

  2. One place I've taken classes from requires a background check for class attendees, then the intro 'welcome' speech actually discusses the stupidity of anyone considering stealing anything. An event like this justifies all of that...

  3. Aaaaannnnd another ine bites the dust....

  4. Center mass guys center mass. 14 shots in the head doesn't work on this species.

  5. Funny that. I've never felt less threatened than when practicing at the range. AND more backed up than having a dozen armed men and women live firing besides me.

  6. From the article: "Most everyone on the scene then shot Payton 14 times."

    Wow, that is some bad writing - reads like everyone who fired at him shot him 14 times, rather than 14 times in total.

    1. They call him "Swiss Cheese" these days...

  7. Impressive movement by non-po-leece.

  8. A pic of the perp for you:

    Black Lives Matter! Spookey didn’t even say goodbye.

  9. I just wish the actual police video woulda just lasted a few seconds longer, maybe with sound...

  10. 14 hits by 5 shooters. Either someone missed a lot, or they had excellent trigger discipline.
    I'm going with discipline, at least by the civilians.

  11. I am sure he was a good father and was trying to turn his life around. All seem to be that way after they are dick in the dirt.

  12. Too bad the female officer had to get stabbed, probably trying to follow the new social worker model of policing. Hope she is not too jumpy next time and just plays it better.
    Unfortunately, at some point they got to lay hands on you to arrest you.


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