Friday, March 05, 2021

LGBT Propaganda Targets Toddlers

They won’t let your kids read Dr Seuss books, because he has been sentenced to cancelation. No worries; a few books for children meet with liberal approval — like The GayBCs, by M. L. Webb. 

Watch in horror and sadness as moonbattery is mainlined directly into a preschooler’s brain before it has had a chance to form: 


  1. If I ever need something to make me throw up fast, I will watch the rest of that.
    Sick? Evil.

  2. Looks like the one and only thing that's gonna stop this shit is a 50 mile wide asteroid traveling at 25,000 MPH hitting smack in the center of the country........PRAY!

  3. This drag queen story hour is some messed up stuff.
    Look at it this way- if you or I went to the library and said we wanted to read to the kids and then get on the floor and have the kids climb all over us the cops would be there in no time.

  4. Keep your children OUT of contact with strangers and that includes 12 years of gov schooling.


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