Friday, March 05, 2021

US politics have now become a war for survival - for both sides

I've written several articles pointing out that we can't vote our way out of this mess. When the November 2020 elections were stolen - literally, through electoral fraud - the conservative side of US politics was (rightly) furious; but they're talking in terms of winning the next election, and undoing the damage. That's not going to happen. The electoral legislation that the Democratic Party is right now ramming through Congress is designed to ensure that it alone wins elections from now on. Anyone else won't get a look-in unless the powers that be decide to throw the other side a bone or two, to satisfy those they consider dangerous or obsessive. 

This has led several commenters to talk (in so many words) in terms of civil war, armed resistance, and the like. I've said on more than one occasion that I've seen it happen too often in other parts of the world, and it doesn't solve the problem. It merely compounds the misery for the survivors. However, I fear greatly that it'll be inevitable sooner or later, because those who've seized power are adamant that they'll never give it up.


  1. I intuitively knew the first time as a child that I rode the big roller coaster that it would be a big mistake if the cars went over that first hill. But it didn't go over the hill because I wanted it to or stop because I didn't want it to. It was not within my control, it was inevitable. My protestations were merely the recognition of that inevitability. THAT is how the civil war will happen. The protestations/warnings are merely that, nothing more, nothing less. The die was cast back in November. It was building before that but that was the event that will change history.

    1. ...and hopefully us dirt people will come out on the right side of it. Sorta like wakin' up on the green side in the morning.


    2. I remember a quote from some to the extent of, "Rational people do not chose a war. Wars choose rational people."

      I could make a argue the finer points of your statement, but I agree in broad strokes.

  2. The linked blogpost by Peter Grant is well worth the time to read, as is his embedded linked article. They explain with crystal clarity what we're up against. TINVOWOOT.


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