Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Toxic wokeness taints a campus and causes liberal staffer to resign

In 2018, Smith College student Oumou Kanoute accused the school of racial profiling, saying she was approached by a security officer for “eating while black.” A subsequent investigation found that not only was Kanoute dining in a closed area, she was not racially profiled nor discriminated against. 

Still, the incident set off a furor at the private women’s liberal-arts college in Northampton, Mass., with staff forced to take “anti­racist” training and some employees tarred as bigots.


  1. Helter Skelter. They are carrying out Charles Manson's work.
    In reality, the devil's work.

  2. Salem, Mass. had a problem with witches once. People were burned at the stake because of fingers being pointed. That kept going until the Governor's wife was accused. That's when the witch trials came to an end. What will it take for the "Woke" trials to end?

    1. Nobody got burned at the stake, but a few were hung.

    2. Michelle Obama reportedly said she and Barrack enjoyed Dr Seuss. Perhaps j'accuse.

  3. OnehalfmvsquaredMarch 2, 2021 at 3:10 PM

    Love seeing the liberals eat each other!

  4. Yeah, but now she's a "victim", only of a different sort, so of course there is the obligatory go-fund-me and she now has a boatload of money, when in reality, until she became the target, she was fine with the leftist programming.

  5. Guilty in spite of the evidence. Common enough thing these days. "Well, you would have discriminated against her given the chance!"

  6. My views on this... don't punch right, and don't alienate fresh converts. She is both brave and naive. Smith College will not change, imho. It has already gone past the event horizon of the left singularity. It will be best to metaphorically roast marshmallows in the warm, philospohical result.
    If anything, if it is possible to encourage others to take the same path as refugees from the mind rape camps, it would be a good thing.
    The best way ahead is to encourage all leftoids to eat each other for insufficient wokeness.
    If in doubt, read Sun Tzu and also the 36 Strategems. It is a variant of the "why don't you and him fight?" ploy used since forever by certain groups. Since it works, use it.

  7. A "Woman's liberal arts college".
    I can't even imagine how depressing a place that must be.


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