Wednesday, April 21, 2021

At least they're not breeding

WORCESTER, United Kingdom — Many people champion low-fat and vegetarian diets as the best ways to stay healthy, but is that really the case for men? A new study finds lowering fat also slashes male testosterone levels. The results can leave men choosing to go green with their diets suffering a loss of libido. 

Researchers from the University of Worcester add the male sex hormone also protects against heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Results show vegetarian low-fat diets rank as the worst for men’s sexual health; decreasing testosterone by up to 26 percent.


  1. I must have a significantly healthy testosterone level then.


  2. Guys go green because they're trying to score some earth girl slash. Which is really pathetic, as earth girl slash is usually pretty gruesome. So it serves them right that they're hoist on their own petards.

    1. The earth girls seem like easy pickings because the earth guys are complete wimps due to low testosterone. It's a trap! Run!

  3. Ketogenic is the way to guy if you are a guy and want to loose weight, and keep function in your balls. Works wonders for women too.
    Some people who actually study and read about diet rather than just take the garbage the government spews, keep telling us it's not the fat or protein, but the carbohydrates, in our diets that is sickening us.
    That, plus the over-use of antibiotics, is the major reason why so many Americans are so incredibly fat, and lacking is standard male characteristics. A "vegan" or the (even worse) "low-fat" diet only helps to amplify that.
    -Just A Chemist

  4. Meh.....I've spent the past two years watching probably a couple thousand hours of doctors and PHD researchers on youtube, and have discovered that everything we thought we knew about wrong.
    Now I eat only animals and animal products, and NO plants, and I also now only eat once a day or "OMAD".
    As a consequence, I have never been healthier or felt my entire life.
    It's a high (healthy) fat diet, and I feel incredible, and my regular metabolic panels are outstanding too.
    I have a new lease on life and am healthier than I was at 21 yo.
    I am happy to let all those soy bois nibble on their tofu and salad........just means there's more meat for me LOL

    Tim in AK

  5. this is an attack on those who are in the warrior class, because we're the ones who are gonna crush the skulls of TPTB.

    Thing is, those of us in the class aren't falling for it and are looking forward to the fight.

  6. Bacon day keeps the doctor away and big willie hard.

  7. I always thought that Kellogg was as mad as a mongoose, he invented corn flakes as a way to prevent masturbating. Now it looks as though he might be onto something. I don't eat meat but I do eat fish eggs and dairy products. I'm 62 and have never had a problem with maintaining a boner. Humans are naturally omnivorous and the secret to a healthy diet is lots of variety and nothing to excess, it isn't rocket science. I don't think that a fully vegan diet is healthy at all, humans are not herbivores naturally. The exception has to be that world class ultra runner who is a vegan, I can't remember his name just now but his achievements are pretty awesome.

  8. We operate a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene Oregon.

    Of the thirty or so folks workkamping on the acreage, we are all Keto/Primal.
    No carbs, no grains, no dairy.
    We are all healthy and happy.
    In our 50s and 60s, we enjoy working in the gardens and with the animals.

    Occasionally, a visitor will attempt to convince us everything we know is wrong, we should eat like they preach in school, lots of 'whole-wheat' and toe-foo.

    No thanks, we're good.


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