Monday, April 19, 2021

Bismuth 12 Gauge Slug

For those who do not know, California has banned the use of Lead in ammunition used for hunting. Why? Supposedly to reduce toxicity in birds eating lead lumps and shot. In reality, more likely IMHO is that the goal was to make it harder to get any ammo to shoot and raise prices. 

The result has been a lot of use of Bismuth in shot as the weight is about the same as lead and it is non-toxic. Also it isn’t that expensive. For hunting rounds in rifles, the use of solid copper and related alloys has been common.


  1. Hell in Illinois you haven't been able to use lead shot for at least 40 years

  2. I had never heard of bismuth slugs. That was an interesting video, and well worth the time spent watching it.

    Tim in AK

  3. And while they scream and go through their crazy actions against everything that they believe is
    They go crazy about
    But have NO PROBLEM with the manufacturers of carbonated drinks.

    Do you have Any IDEA how many TONS of CO2are pumped into the AtMusFEAR every DAY from soda?

  4. Tried to find someone that carries this even if out of stock, no go.


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