Monday, April 12, 2021

Craig Douglas of Shivworks talks about how to manage a strangers aproach

Craig gives you 3 techniques on how to manage a strangers approach, including what to say, how to move and how to prepare your defenses.

VIDEO HERE  (4:08 minutes)


  1. Had a guy pull this kind of approach in a hotel parking lot in Florida (of course). I didn't have a gun because it was a short overnight trip and I just had a carry on bag. That was a mistake on my part. I was also about six weeks post hernia surgery so I wasn't very mobile and I think it showed. I'm a big guy and for someone to approach me says they could sense vulnerability. I managed to make some space between us and kind of fumbled my way through these moves and the guy backed off but I consider it a screw up on my part. When I reconstructed it my head I realized he was trying to get me to get my wallet out so he could grab it and run. Nowadays I valet park every single time it is available. Parking lots are death traps.

  2. Craig is an awesome trainer - his material is first rate and comes from pressure tested practical experience, and his teaching techniques are spot on and maximize the students' learning and retention. Highly recommended!

  3. Those are good rules, and the BIG point is to maintain situational awareness, even in familiar stores.

  4. You can't do anything about being blidesided? Hmm.

  5. This dude is full of shit!

    Chutes Magoo

  6. That was informative, Thanks.



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