Thursday, April 08, 2021

How to Catch, Clean and Cook a Snapping Turtle! PT II

 VIDEO HERE  (26 minutes)

Yeah..... no. I like my meat to be still while I'm cutting it up. If you're squeamish, you might want to pass on watching this one.


  1. In laws caught and ate Snapping Turtle frequently. Freeze it, and as it thaws, it starts moving again. :-)

    1. Just like a fucking liberal democrat.............

  2. I once killed a good-sized rattlesnake and brought it home with the intention of eating it and saving the skin/rattles. Took hours and hours to stop moving, even with the head pulped. By the time I skinned that bastard out, which leaked snake shit just about the whole time and stunk anyway, I was sick of the smell and ended up just tossing the carcass. I imagine those snapping turtles have the same sort of basic reptilian scent, like most fish smell 'fishy'.


  3. I have a 1/20 acre pond in my back yard. I baby the hell out of it. Snappers travel like crazy and are fast. Over the years, I fought to keep the snappers out. My son and I even put up an acre of chain link around the pond, to keep them out. Last fall I caught an adult male one making his way towards my pond fence and shot it twice in the head. I learned they will dig under the fence to get to the pond. I left the carcass sit as the turtle was still moving. Next morning, the carcass was two feet from where I shot it.

  4. I'm sure PETA enjoyed this video.


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