Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Iowa Governor Signs Bill Into Law Letting Residents Buy, Carry Guns Without Permits

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed legislation into law on Friday lifting some restrictions to buy or carry a handgun in the state for law-abiding citizens. 

The NRA-backed legislation named “House File 756” will take effect on July 1 and eliminates the requirement for law-abiding Iowans to obtain a permit to purchase a handgun from private non-licensed sources. Additionally, to carry a weapon, people will no longer need to have a permit as well.


  1. Now, where are those other people? you know the ones. The interloppers that claim to be the only read gun rights group. The ones that deny that the NRA is a gun rights group. How come the self righeous(look at us) were not involved with this step forward in gun rights?

  2. YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am from Iowa and can't be more pleased !!

  3. Make sure there are no caveats in the law, politicians are funny like that.

  4. So basically what she is saying is that Iowa now follows the 2nd amendment of the Constitution, the part that says 'Shall not be infringed".... With the exception of the background checks part, but then ya gotta pick the battles you can win till they add up finally to winning the entire war. That part where the gummint actually FOLLOWs the Constitution and only those enumerated powers allowed it.


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