Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Virginia Supreme Court Allows Charlottesville to Remove Lee and Jackson Statues

The Supreme Court of Virginia ruled Thursday that Charlottesville can remove a statue of Robert E. Lee and a statue of Stonewall Jackson from its parks. In February 2017, the city chose to remove the Lee statue, triggering a lawsuit. Then, in the wake of the violent Unite the Right rally, the city reaffirmed its decision to remove the Lee statue and decided to remove the Jackson statue as well, according to court documents. 


  1. On Ft Riley Jackson Street was just renamed Leonard Street. They still have Longstreet, Beauregard, Hood and a few others, but cancel cultism is in full swing.
    Those streets were created during the build up for WW2 when democRATs ran things.

  2. I feel so much better about myself after reading this story.

    We're gonna need a whole new set of currency before long.

    I wonder who they're gonna put on the three dollar bill? Bruce Jenner?

  3. c'ville left va. a log time ago. too many virtue signaling yankees and degenerates. they will be an island when we're done.

  4. I hope during the removal process, these statues fall upon those removing them, crushing them all.

  5. Year Zero edges ever closer.

  6. I think these assholes have no idea whom Longstreet, Beauregard or Hood were. They haven't taught American hx is schools for years. I remember when "The Ville" was such a cool place in the early seventies. Poes was rocking, people handing each other joints on the street. Entering The Ville on 29 from Rutgersville the road was lined with huge oaks trees. 'Twas a thing a beauty. Now it's left wing assholes and a shithole.


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