Friday, April 09, 2021

Machine of Lies

It's all lies, all of it, everywhere one turns. The death of truth has never been so thoroughly defined as it is today. The government has always lied. The media has always told the side of the story it wanted to. Academia has always taught what it wanted to. Politicians have always manipulated the truth to get what they wanted. Cops lie, judges lie or accept the lies told by cops, sometimes defendants, sometimes prosecution attorneys. Some of this is to get something, or to guide something, sometimes, this has even worked to the people's advantage. And yes, people lie, have always lied and our governments, media and academia are filled with people. The only thing truly missing is shame.


  1. Bill Clinton started the trend that made lying OK.

    1. Billy Jeff was an exceptional liar in that when he said something, you both KNEW he was lying, but doggone it, you WANTED to believe him.

    2. Gordon (other Gordon)April 9, 2021 at 11:30 PM

      Oh please! The old joke about how you can tell when a politician is lying has been around since my grand daddies day.

  2. Government can't even tell the truth about what time it is.

  3. Anyone see any of Biden's gun control speech yesterday? I was one Demonrat lie after another, not that Demonrats don't always lie about gun facts every time they open their mouths.

    The problem with the lying is that they never get called out by the propaganda arm of the Demonrat party, the Fake News.


  4. Excellent article and completely true.

    Thx, Wirecutter.


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