Monday, April 19, 2021

Making him earn his keep

Persistency gets you places. Especially into people’s hearts. 

And few live by these words as seriously as one doggo from Brazil. He found himself a job, got adopted, and became famous simply by showing up. 

Earlier this year, the staff at a Hyundai Prime dealership noticed the dog hanging around. At first, they thought it was just a temporary thing and the pup would soon move on to search for happiness elsewhere but as time went by, one thing became evident — he was determined to stay. So they let him.


  1. How the heck was the dog able to get an ID?

  2. He likely does more work than the average car salesman and he probably won't leave his family and run away with the receptionist...

  3. [rocketride]
    Who's a lovely boy?

  4. It's great to see an open-minded business and what a great Dog!


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