Friday, April 16, 2021

Mother-daughter duo believes they found centuries-old pirate sword in small North Carolina town

LINCOLNTON, N.C. (WJZY)- In downtown Lincolnton, two blocks from Main Street, in a building that once housed the local Free Masons, a sharp secret was hidden in plain sight. 

When Dr. Ashley Oliphant and her mother, Beth Yarbrough, asked to see an old sword that used to hang on a wall, they unlocked a mystery two centuries in the making. 

“The iron scabbard of that sword did have an inscription on it,” said Oliphant, a college professor at Pfeiffer University.


  1. None of those men died as reported. Robert Ford did not kill Jesse James. Butch and Sundance were not killed in Bolivia. Billy T. Kid was not killed by Pat Garrett. And they all left treasures that still await those who can follow clues. Print the myth.

  2. I have a sabre just like the one in the vid. I did some research on it once. Basically it’s a late 1700s calvary trooper’s sabre. The same pattern was made in England, France, Germany and other countries. Kinda the AK-47 of it’s day.

  3. "ran a criminal empire"....

    Why does that remind us of the biden family?


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