Friday, April 16, 2021

Violent Crimes Spike in Cities That Defunded Law Enforcement; Burned-Out Police Leaving in Droves

Crime is skyrocketing in cities where police departments have been defunded, crime statistics show. 

Since career criminal George Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis, last summer, many liberal city councils have voted to “defund” their police departments, allocating or redirecting municipal funds away from their police bureaus to other government agencies that serve “the community.” 

More than 20 major cities have slashed their police budgets in some form, though the circumstances vary, according to Fox News. 

The results are not pretty in cities like Portland, Los Angeles, Oakland, New York City, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Austin. “Overworked,” and “burned out” police officers in many of these cities meanwhile have been leaving in droves.


  1. Fuck it. Let them burn. A fence or some kind of no man's land surrounding each would be a plus.

  2. I guarantee if a citizen in one of these locations defends themselves or their property, there will be plenty of police resources to arrest, investigate and prosecute them.

    1. I'm sure S.F. Mayor London Breed would consider someone like that to be the real 'threat to public safety' and authorize her D.A. Chesa Boudin to hang them high. Like he'd need to be told.
      San Francisco- the dystopian utopia.

  3. Who knew that we’d be playing.....

    “Escape From (DEMocRAT Shithole)”.....

    this soon....?


  4. Growing up, I was always told, "crime doesn't pay"....Yea, right. Ohio Guy

  5. Serves these idiot liberals right, and just wait until next Wednesday when the jury in Minneapolis is expected to render their Floyd verdict. And it doesn't matter which way they rule, the Amish will be out in force burning, looting & pillaging.

  6. Let them rot, suffer and die. Stupid votes need to have ugly consequences.

  7. I think if the police departments and city councils in Portland, Seattle, MN, NYC, etc received resignation, retirement or disability notices from EVERY SINGLE OFFICER, it might, maybe, get their attention and call their bets.


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