Wednesday, April 14, 2021

So basically it looks like every other planet without water...



  1. Yeah a useless picture

  2. No, it would not look like that at all.

    If you take the deepest ocean and the tallest mountains into perspective, and compared to the size of the entire planet, the surface would be smoother than that of a billiard ball. Then, without water, there would be no life. Therefore, there would be no forests, no jungle, no coral reefs etc. In other words - barren desert. Places like Antarctica and Greenland would probably still be cold, but no ice. In other words, it would probably look a lot like Mars, but maybe a different color.

    JD is right, it's a useless picture.

  3. makes one curious, regarding paying for - investing the time and money - creating a picture; that, while interesting perhaps; has no practical value or application. This is what 'academia' does for us, nowadays...
    sparing no expense, using lots of time; to provide answers to questions no one fucking asked... - Grandpa

  4. Looks like my ex's left butt cheek after sitting in the driveway in a thong.

  5. Isn't anyone curious how the ocean floors are mapped so precisely? And what instruments would be capaple of such precision? Across the entirety of the ocean floors?

    If you said satellites, go to the head of the class.

    Such 'useless' photos are to demonstrate that technology.

  6. Matthew Fontaine Maury (a VERY interesting biography) made the 1st bathymetric survey. He was hired to find a suitable route for a telegraphic cable from England to North America. He discovered that curious formation which cam to be know as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

    Meriners, geologists, geographers, mineral exploration & mining, cable laying for communications, and more have great uses of this information depicted on that 'useless' photo. We've explored more of outerspace than the depths of our own oceans.

  7. few years ago saw a photo of 3d globe printed from deep radar image from space, Pretty much a squashed cue ball. Can not find picture anywhere now. You could barely make out continents and it showed underwater features.


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