Thursday, April 22, 2021

The perpetual pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic was a black-swan event the likes of which this planet hadn’t seen in almost a hundred years. It caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and crashed the global economy, resulting in the largest socioeconomic change since 2008. It was, in short, not good. Yet there are pockets of public health experts and corporate media pundits who seem content to play out an endless cycle of pandemic porn. This runs contrary to what the majority of the population wants to watch and how most Americans are choosing to live their lives.


  1. The guy who coined the phrase "black swan" disagrees. “I think this is a case study of government worldwide incompetence in dealing with a problem and denial,” Nassim Taleb, author of “Black Swan,” told CNBC.

    By black swan, he meant an "unpredictable, rare, catastrophic event." Pandemics occur regularly, though usually with less impact than the Wuhan Virus. A severe pandemic has been predicted as inevitable for years.


  2. The "pandemic" (that never was) didn't crash the economy. IT was already crashing, Covid is the excuse to destroy the rest of what was functioning and further inflict damage in order to usher in the Great Reset.

    Not so great for us peasants who aren't on board with being eliminated thru Big Pharma.

    1. The economy wasn't crashing. A typical election year bump maybe. Covid didn't crash it either. What crashed it was leftist politicians who deliberately set out to destroy the economy to spite people who support Trump.

  3. covid did NOT cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.... it has been BLAMED for it, but it didnt cause hardly any deaths... at least 95% of deaths attributed to covid were deaths from other causes... STOP SPREADING LIES about it....

  4. so is it time yet to form lynch mobs on doctors ?

  5. Instead of cutesy words such as 'pandemic', I prefer 'this phase of this Economic Lock-Down'.


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