Thursday, April 22, 2021

They're bound and determined to have their riots one way or another

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina deputy shot and killed a Black man while serving a search warrant Wednesday, authorities said, spurring an outcry from community members who demanded law enforcement accountability and the immediate release of body camera footage.


Dozens of people gathered at the scene of the shooting in Elizabeth City, a municipality of about 18,000 people 170 miles (274 km) northeast of Raleigh, where they expressed their anger and rallied around Brown’s family members.


So now every shooting of blacks is going to be a rally for police accountability no matter what brings it on? I have an idea.... how about holding every criminal accountable for their actions. Like my daddy used to tell me when I was just a youngster, "If you wanna dance, you gotta pay the fiddler."


  1. It's the wild West mentality so let them kill each other, who really gives a fuck at this point.
    Your families are in danger, get to know your neighbors. Be low key if necessary at first but find out asap whether they will help if needed. Will they be on the sending or receiving end if shtf in your neighborhood.

  2. okay in this case, misdemeanor drug charges, they should let have him go and come back later. they always come back. small town, easy to find. or better yet block the cars in. its not like he was wanted for murder from what i read. then again, if they just stop resisting this wouldn't happen. its as easy as that....i had a preacher, just as nice a guy as you ever want to meet, go off on me during an arrest and when i finally got him calmed down he was crying and apologizing and asking my forgiveness. said he didn't know why he did that. every time i saw him after that he apologizes again. what the hell?

  3. Knee grows will get a pass on everything. Let them kill each other.

  4. Why don't they look into accountability for blacks killing blacks? The number one cause of death among young black men is young black men.

    1. Fuck accountability!
      Let’s get them to work on productivity!
      We need to overcome their (subsidized) breeding rate!!!

    2. "overcome their (subsidized) breeding rate"?

      The percentage of Black folks in this country has been fairly stable for over 50 years. That has two causes. They're killing each other faster than the replacement rate through births and the SJC legislated Roe v. Wade decision from the 70's.


  5. They do not want to follow any rules or think the laws apply to them....unless, of course, they are to their advantage, just like their mentors the Dems.

  6. Here is a solution:
    Wait until the next BLM riot.
    Funnel the crowd into a street with high buildings on either side, businesses with windows boarded up and only exits at each end (many of you already see what is going on here, but wait...)
    Target only non-whites (normally, they are not in the first row.)
    Non-lethal, yet permanent damage shots.
    Fill up the Democrat Hospitals.

    Be sure not to injure any of the white BLM protesters. That way, their "priviledge" will get them singled out by the same group they are catering to.

    One group down, one to go.

    Yes, I am evil.

  7. They are a detriment to society.


  8. Your kneegrow fan base keeps shrinking everyday!

  9. The ground apes and their commie enablers are seeking to create an environment where they can NEVER be held accountable for ANYTHING they do while simultaneously making everyone else TOTALLY responsible for everything....including the crimes THEY commit. And if us normal responsible people don't step up and put an end to this insanity NOW they are going to succeed.


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