Thursday, May 13, 2021

57 leading scientists, doctors, and public policy experts call for IMMEDIATE HALT to Covid vaccine programs

There are two certainties about the Covid-19 vaccines being mass-distributed around the world. The first is that governments and the vast majority of mainstream media are pushing with as much ferocity as they can muster for these experimental drugs to be injected into as many people as possible. The second is that those who are brave enough to face the scorn that comes with asking serious questions about the vaccines are absolutely necessary components of our ongoing fight to spread the truth. 

NOQ Report received an advanced copy of the manuscript in preprint below. It has been prepared by nearly five dozen highly respected doctors, scientists, and public policy experts from across the globe to be urgently sent to world leaders as well as all who are associated with the production and distribution of the various Covid-19 vaccines in circulation today. 


  1. Waiting for the news release: We don't know anything, except a lot of people got sick (maybe) and people died. Other than that, we don't know jack. SIGNED//Every government and scientific agency that ever put out any information on COVID-19.

    1. No, no, no. Absolutely everything they said was completely, totally, and in all other ways 100% accurate. Even the mutually contradictory stuff. See, whatever our elites say is the absolute truth at the moment they say it, until they say something else, which is then the absolute truth.

    2. It sure seems that way. Haven't seen a single professional news person say, "But last month you said the opposite."

  2. Now, in order to put this in perspective. All the people that willingly took the non-vaccine are going to look stupid if more info like this comes out. .GOV and all it's branchs that have been pushing this bs hard are going to look either incompetent and/or criminal. Doctors that have advised to take the shot and/or giving it are going to look incompetent.

    That is a whole lot of people that are going to made to look bad in one way r another. TPTB are going to squash this, just like all others that have questioned the non vaccine.

    For goodness sake, Ohio's governor just announced a $million dollar lottery that only non-vaccine takers is eligible for.

  3. Link doesn't say whether or where the paper was accepted. It will not get traction, nor significant exposure. Apart from Peter McCullough (Baylor; TX) and someone from INSERM (France), all the authors are from Spain, Mexico, or Central and South American countries. Even though academic medicine tends to be progressive, research and commentary from outside US/UK/EU/Japan is taken less seriously as a rule. And especially if it opposes left-leaning/big govt/nanny state narrative. One of the areas I used to work in has gone from solid science to 24/7 social justice and disparities and "equity" in the last ten years. Those people have the reverse Midas touch: everything they handle turns to shit.

    The major (high impact) journals generally have progressive editorial bias. (There is definitely political bias on what can and cannot be published.) IF this paper gets accepted, it will end up in an obscure place.

    Hoping this will change anything is about as pointless as thinking that the Arizona audit will overturn the US 2020 election results. (Which of course was totally open, transparent, and honest.)

    1. I call the reverse Midas touch the government touch. Everything thing they touch turns to shit!

  4. Just occurred to me, I wonder how many people in the bureaucracy drank the kool-aid, took the jab(s) and have had their expiration dates moved up?

  5. There's so much real info out there now that you'd have to be of flat-Earth believer intelligence to ignore it.
    1. It is a plandemic, planned years in advance. Hard proof exists for that.
    2. It was released by China from the Wuhan lab.
    3. The MSM around the world are totally loyal to the hard left governments repeating govt narrative so real data/research is discredited and censored. Independent news like Sky News is a must though.
    4. All western world governments are controlled and funded by the WEF and world's richest people and so won't willingly entertain halting the vaccinations despite claims/proof of harm.
    5. Covid in its initial form is a non threat with near zero mortality except to those at end of life anyway.
    6. No society in recorded history has been shutdown and restricted as is happening now, even for far deadlier disease outbreaks.
    7. All viruses mutate. Ideally they should run their course unimpeded to minimise more deadly strains emerging.
    8. Toilet paper won't help! Nor will sanitising everything. That's exactly what caused the rise of superbugs.
    9. Fresh air, lots of sun, good food and a healthy immune system saved a lot of the So called Spanish flu victims yet such basic facts have been shunned with Covid...
    10. All the available info (from real scientists engaging in real science)suggests that the fake vaccines are creating problems FAR worse than Covid, with reproduction and long term degenerative issues probably the main two.
    11. The medical and scientific communities have bowed to financial and political pressure and lost their integrity and moral compasses. They don't seem to grasp the fact that they are in the same boat as everyone else.
    12. The depopulation theory has 2 major problems with it that no-one has mentioned or woken up to. Perhaps the elite are just too stupid or don't care.
    13.The fake vaccines appear to be designed to achieve their objectives over multiple shots, like 3. After that there's no going back.
    14. This AGW/green/one world government bullshit will FAIL but not before the world suffers immensely for ever allowing things to get that far.
    15. Thankfully I'm not a young person with a potential long life ahead of me.

    Two articles of interest for the magnetic vaccines topic have popped up but I'm still assessing them, so links later.

  6. Spent a few nights in hospital. Was absolutely stunned to discover I was the only person not jabbed. Every employee who entered my room tried to encourage acceptance. Told them they were all crazy.

  7. Neither myself or anyone else I care about is taking any of those shots so I don't care. The sheep are always herded for the slaughter, which is good because then there are fewer of them, while independent thinkers are more skeptical and mostly have a wait and see approach.s


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