Monday, May 17, 2021

Even money says he was suspended with pay

An off-duty Los Angeles police officer was arrested Friday in Inglewood on suspicion of kidnapping, criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon, the Inglewood Police Department confirmed Monday. 


  1. Nicolas QuintanillaBorja. What's his nickname, "Alphabet"?

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    Will continue until they have fear in their hearts

    In case you don’t know, fear comes when fire consumes the flesh surrounding the shattered bone.

  3. The LAPD union is powerful. He'll have his job AND full benefits until he's convicted. And even THEN he might not be fired.

  4. Turns out the guy's a borracho (drunk). The LAPD chief has 'assigned him to home during the investigation' and wants to know how he ever got hired to begin with.
    If you want to read the full story do a search of his last name. The guy and the story are both pretty amazing.

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  6. Ken,
    I will take even money on
    “Pigs fuck over tax paying sheep yet again” $1000 please


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