Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Raising Chickens in the City

As people become more invested in their health and more concerned about where their food comes from, there is more demand for backyard chickens. Factory farmed eggs are cheap, but they lack the flavor, color, and nutrients of pastured or backyard-raised ones! 

If you want to raise hens in a compassionate way for eggs that are amazingly delicious with rich orange yolks and more nutritional value, but you live in an urban setting you may have a few questions. Rest assured, because in many places it can be done!


  1. Where I live isn't urban, it is a village near the east coast of England. We have a relatively large garden and have a pen and hut with five hens. We get enough eggs for ourselves with the surplus going to neighbours and relatives.

  2. "Not a chance in Hell." --Every HOA on the planet


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