Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Report on the Black Robe Regiment Summit and The Speech Too Hot to Handle for the Event

Well let me give you the after action report on the Black Robe Regiment Summit. 

First of all this event should not have in any way had the sacred name of the Black Robe Regiment tied to it. 

I’ll try and keep this brief and just hit the highlights. 

First on Thursday night Pastor Shahram Hadian called me and wanted to talk to me. He said that I was one of the only speakers coming who he had not met personally and that he really didn’t know anything about me. After a few minutes of us talking he gets to the real reason he was calling. He stated that he had watched my New Declaration on YouTube and that he had concerns. He stated that the Pastors that were coming to this event were not at that point yet. He said he agreed personally with everything that I had written in the New Declaration, however he kept pushing to get me to agree to drop it.


  1. American "Christians" are pathetic....while missionaries are risking and losing their lives all over the world, American Christians are afraid to say (this incident) or do anything (Motions Church, Pullyup Washington). They are right up their with the 3% and other posers. They kind of talk a good game, but that is all it is....

  2. Living in Knoxville, Tennessee myself, I might have expected our local "news media" to have covered the event he talks about. But nope, nary a word from our wholly owned corporate subsidiaries. They are weasels and would sell out their own children to be talking heads. I'm beginning to hate my local media types as much as I do Anderson Cooper and Jim Acosta.

  3. Look, as long as people keep quoting the Bible and not Ragnarok then it's just a waste of time. The Bible takes the fight out of people not put it in. What is Christianity but love thy neighbor as thyself in a nutshell. It should be obvious that 2,000 years of Christianity has lost western man his balls. The left is taking everything from us and you think quoting the Bible will stop them. The right still hasn't taken seriously what needs to be done.

    1. Psalms 144:1 should ease your concerns about your stereotypical assumption that all Christians are push overs. The right is not solely comprised of Christians so for you to place blame on Christians for the failures of the right is just wrong.

  4. I must absolutely state me disagreement with you.
    God and Christianity are not what you perceive them to be.

  5. Look to the right column of this blog under "inspirations". "The Spartans do not inquire how many the enemy are, but where they are." Why is that the inspiration of this blog and not some quote from the New Testament? They could face reality clearly and defeat their enemies. The U.S. of the 1950s is long gone and I don't see praying as changing anything.


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