Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday Video 4



  1. Guessing possibly a SEAL

  2. Very impressive. A question to any old farts. Ya notice ya still got fair pulling power but not pushing? If I'm down working on something and go to push my body up it's like I've no power at all. Just curious.

    1. Without a doubt, im and old concrete guy. Shoulders are worn out and shot pushing and overhead work im a total tit but my armss and upper back work like i was in my 20's.

    2. Getting old sucks. But I refuse to grow up. yes, used my hands as hammers and pry bars to often.

  3. My wife wants to know if he can make her a sandwich.

  4. Meh, just a trick of geometry, physics, and biology.

    If you can do a one handed pushup, and have decent lats, bi's, and pecs, you do the same trick.

    That's a godamn narcissist in action. (And don't be so fucking quick to judge, because yes, in my prime I did the EXACT same trick for pussy. So suck me.)


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