Friday, May 07, 2021

Texas woman suing Sacramento Black Lives Matter for libel

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Recent social media posts are at the center of a federal libel lawsuit. A Texas businesswoman is suing Black Lives Matter Sacramento for libel. 

She claims the group and/or their leader Tanya Faison posted an email on social media bearing her name that was filled with racists remarks.


  1. If BLM can afford a real estate empire, it can afford to settle this lawsuit.

  2. From what I read in the story, I'd have been PROUD to have sent that post. I am tired of hearing those Marxist pieces of s**t on the news, and White Lives do matter. Even Blacks don't believe that Black Lives Matter, since they are so busy killing each other and aborting their next generation.

  3. A thing to remember: BLM does not care about facts. Truth is what they say it is.

  4. Nothing will happen. If locals out there would shoot a few they would shut up.


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