Friday, May 14, 2021

Yeah well, don't carry full gas cans INSIDE your vehicle

HOMOSASSA, Fla. (WWSB) - An SUV was destroyed Wednesday moments after its owner filled several containers with gasoline at a convenience store in Citrus County Wednesday.


  1. I stopped at a local gas station to get smokes and saw the freakin' line for people gassing up in a panic.
    On my way out, I yelled "Oh my God! They're making a massive run on toilet paper at the grocery stores again!" just to watch the complete confusion on their face on whether they needed gas or bowel towels the most.

  2. Well at least idiots shouldn't carry full gas cans inside vehicle. I often do refill 5 galleon cans, making sure the vehicle is well ventilated and there is no spillage from the cap. Then there are the idiots that transfer fuel inside closed buildings or use gasoline to ignite yard debris.

  3. There were pictures elsewhere of melted-out 5 gal plastic gas cans in the back, and I read elsewhere that Jughead also filled up some Tupperware, sat it all inside, stepped in, fired 'er up, and lit a cigarette. Not sure if the latter is true, but it does seem to fit.

  4. Where do these people come from? Did they have an injection of stupid cells?

    1. No - they were stupid before they took the jab. I’d bet good money on that, and I’m not a gambling man.

  5. Please understand this is a psy-op.

  6. One thing you NEVER do is fill the containers up inside the vehicle or on the bed of a truck. Always put them on the ground so the static doesn't build up.

  7. I saw a picture today that purported to be of gasoline filled plastic bags inside the back of an SUV.


  8. They wouldn't put it on the internet if it wasn't true! OG


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