Monday, June 21, 2021

California's cutting off their free money? California???

California will stop giving unemployment benefits to people who are not actively applying for jobs, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration announced Thursday.


  1. Next step: Stop giving unemployment benefits to people who test positive for drugs.

  2. In the UK unemployment benefit is now called "Job Seeker's Allowance" and you have to demonstrate that you are actively seeking work to qualify.

  3. No problemo, just declare yourself an illegal

  4. The seeking a job requirement is a joke though. All you have to do is put down a place or two with the contact info and check the box that says they weren't hiring. You think a .gov worker is going to follow up on that???

  5. Unemployment Insurance History Of The World

    Dole Office Clerk : Occupation?

    Comicus : Stand-up philosopher.

    Dole Office Clerk : What?

    Comicus : Stand-up philosopher. I coalesce the vapors of human experience into a viable and meaningful comprehension.

    Dole Office Clerk : Oh, a *bullshit* artist!

    Comicus : *Grumble*...

    Dole Office Clerk : Did you bullshit last week?

    Comicus : No.

    Dole Office Clerk : Did you *try* to bullshit last week?

    Comicus : Yes!


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