Monday, June 14, 2021

Gets a freebie, fucks up again

A convicted child molester set free in Los Angeles County three years ago was arrested for sexually abusing two more kids. 

Jorge Vasquez, 48, was slapped with eight new counts of child molestation for fondling two young boys in Tulare and San Luis Obispo counties beginning in June 2018 – less than six months after he was released by a judge who said his right to a speedy trial had been violated.


Looks like castration is the only cure for Jorge.


  1. castration, starting at the neck. pedophiles are 100% recidivists.

  2. "Looks like castration is the only cure for Jorge".

    No it's not! Any old cordless hole-puncher will permanently correct this problem.

  3. Q -- if the abuser is female, do we remove her ovaries?

    A -- noose.

    1. I will agree as long as the tag end is connected to something driving down a gravel road for a good long ways, 10-15 mph should do it. Bugs need to eat too. -Bert

    2. Paint mixer on the end of a Hilti hammer drill should do just fine! -ernie

  4. "Looks like castration is the only cure for Jorge."

    Start with the separating of his head from his shoulders - that'll keep him from doing it again.

  5. "Looks like castration is the only cure for Jorge."

    Yeah, castrating his head from his body.....

    Tim in AK

  6. Castration the only cure? Wow.

    I can think of many other options, the top of list being to hang the worthless son-of-a-bitch from the nearest tree and then toss his carcass into the city dump so the feral dogs have something to eat. None of those other options include having him breathe another lungful of valuable air or taking up space in the local graveyard.

    Or am I being too unreasonable?

  7. pedos need to be hanged then burned where they are hung.

  8. It sickens me what we allow politicians to get away with these days.


  9. "Speedy" trial as in 900 FPS in .45 Cal, in the back of the noggin. Should work...

  10. Don't forget about the P.O.S. judge

  11. Some say the issue could be solved for no more than 65 cents.

    Worst case, $1.30 if they have to shoot a second time.

  12. He pled no contest in 1994, and was sentenced to only 12 years (yep. You get more for using the wrong pronoun, or touring the Capitol building without a guide) but in 2000 the DA's office filed to have him committed indefinitely under the "Sexually Violent Predator Act". This requires a trial, apparently, and the public defenders' office was swamped and didn't get support, so the new trial was delayed repeatedly. In the end it seems (assuming he was incarcerated the year he pled no contest) he did the 12 years, then another 15 awaiting the new trial? So 27 years? I'm not sure where they got "17 years" from.

    Either way, the solution would've been to impale him after the first conviction. Crucifixion would also work. But what kind of Mickey mouse justice system are they running there? He shouldn't have even had the opportunity for the second trial (because dead), but if he did, you're damned right that wasn't "speedy"! For fucks sake.

    Those poor kids, violated because of bureaucratic inefficiency and stupidity. "Trust us, we're the government!"


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