Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Growing Interest in Raising Chickens for Meat

In recent years, the desire to raise meat chickens has increased. There are a few good reasons for this, but one of the most prominent reasons to know where one’s food comes from. 

Others want to sell meat chickens for a profit, and then there are those who enjoy the security of knowing how to raise meat. In other words, raising chickens for meat as a way to become self-sufficient. 

So, how many people are interested in chickens for meat, furthermore, what is the perspective of those raising, and consuming chicken meat in the US? 


Hey, I eat the hell out of chicken - just not my chickens. I'm not that hungry yet.


  1. I have no problem butchering and eating my chickens, along with the rabbits, I have, that's part of the reason I raise them. I've considered getting some of those hybrid Rock Cornish meat chickens for my yard but haven't actually gotten any yet.

  2. The problem I see is with Cornish Cross birds, you have a limited window before they grow lame. Birds like barred rock and Orpingtons grow slower but taste great. You can raise your own and harvest excess roosters and older hens.

  3. Kill, pluck, gut, and clean a chicken and you will loose the desire to become self-sufficient quickly. It is a good skill to have but I will stick with Purdue processed chickens for $7-9 a bird.

  4. I've seen more than a few wild turkey road kills here in the mountains. They don't last but for an hour before their carcass disappears. So, I guess free range fowl is tasty too.

  5. Neat thing about a chicken it that you basically have a day's worth of meat running around that you don't have to refrigerate. Unlike hogs or beef, killing a chicken doesn't mean you have to worry about what to do with all that meat. In days before electricity, that was a big problem.

    Plus, a laying hen contributes a steady supply of food units, and when she's not doing that any more, she's a meal herself.

    The old folks knew this. Mentioning it today is like discovering the Holy Grail.

    1. And, free-range chickens eat many of the flies, fleas, ticks, and roaches that would otherwise infest your home. They are like Roombas for your lawn and woods.

  6. went south from a werk trip to vacate last month. ate some fast food. most places had a sign up mentioning chicken shortage. yes fake and induced by cabal. but real at the retail level.

  7. Chicken and rabbit. Grow relatively fast are easy to butcher and provide enough for a meal or two. Little waste.


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