Wednesday, June 16, 2021

IRS: California Shrank by 165K Taxpayers, $8.8 Billion in Gross Income

California residents of all ages and incomes are leaving for more tax friendly climates, and they’re taking billions of dollars in annual income with them. 

The Internal Revenue Service recently released its latest taxpayer migration figures from tax years 2018 and 2019. They reflect migratory taxpayers who had filed in a different state or county between 2017 and 2018, of which 8 million did in that timespan.


  1. Ha! Really? Doesn't matter how many taxpayers leave they'll still get taxes thru gumbit handouts. Instead of just a select few paying the price of idiocracy it will be everyone sharing the burden of stupidity.

  2. Because they don't want you to know what the numbers were in 2020

  3. That's the fundamental problem with raising taxes. They think increasing the tax rate will automatically increase revenue based on previous years' numbers. But they never seem to consider that people will likely spend less money or simply leave.

    And instead of reversing they double and triple down.

  4. "Local officials of states that see perennial population losses and slow growth point to retirees moving to better climates." You mean better than California? Right. I lived three miles from the beach in SoCal for almost 20 years. There may not be a better climate in the world. Now I'm in Montana. (You'd hate it here!)

  5. Don't celebrate this shit. This is what always happens when the liberal policies catch up with the people that voted for them, they pack up, leave their destruction behind and move to the next state and start that shit all over again.

  6. The Liberals are probably excited they left with an avg gross earnings per person being -$55k. Can you live in California with that low pay.



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