Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Like my Dad always said, you're known by the company you keep

Hunter Biden reportedly has several connections in the New York art scene, mostly through lingerie entrepreneur Zoe Kestan, who calls herself @weed_slut_420 on Instagram. This has led President Joe Biden's 51-year-old son to now make a foray into the world of art with Soho art dealer Georges Bergès, who, according to Breitbart News, has some ties to China.


  1. "Art" is used for trafficking payments and to launder money.
    Like ballet a clean surface for evil to hide behind.
    Steve in Ky.

  2. Another Pedo out cruising..
    A. Pedophile!!!

  3. "Art" is the same scam as "book deal". The normies rank it right up there with CNN and the feral government as legitimate truths and stuff.

  4. A Biden who hangs out with people who have "ties to China?"

    What are the odds?

  5. Just for curiosity's sake I linked to her instagram. As her handle indicates, total slag and she's dumber than Hunter if that's even possible. She posted a selfie posing with a half dozen BIG bags of weed, just to verify the 420 portion of her handle.



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