Thursday, June 24, 2021

Stories of Gettysburg civilians along Chambersburg Street

 VIDEO HERE  (936 minutes)


  1. When I lived in Harrisonburg Va I work with a Psychiatrist that I became good friends with. A patient gave him a diary, why I don't know, but he had it authenticated some how. It was written during the Civil War. The author was a women from Bridgewater a town a few miles outside Harrisonburg. She wrote of an incident that occurred in that town. A young boy that was a little touched in the head was out hunting squirrels. He had an old rifle. A bunch of Yankees captured him. The town people went to the Yankees and told them the boy was not a confederate soldier and was just hunting food for the family. Plus he was not right in the head. It didn't matter, they hung him. The head of the Yankee's was named, George Custer. I've forgotten what his rank was at the time but think he was addressed as a Colonel.

  2. Is there anyway you can photocopy that source? I'm sure lots of us would love to read that.

    1. I am no longer in Va. I believe my old friend and his wife are long gone by now. I have not seen him since the eighties. I'll try to find some old contacts. Another interesting story. A nurse in our office bought a box in Staunton Va for 50 cent at an auction. It was padlocked. Upon opening it there was a full KKK robe and a ledger of names and who had paid and owed dues. Later it would be established all the people in the ledger were deceased. However, my friend, the psychiatrist, was a practicing MD in Staunton prior too become a psychiatrist. One of the people in the ledger was addressed as Doctor. My friend said he knew him and that he was a Veterinarian. Lots of good stories from, The Valley. That being, The Shenandoah.

  3. That park ranger gal has crazy eyes and really gets excited about slavery.


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