Friday, June 25, 2021

William “Russian Bill” Tattenbaum, the Noble Outlaw

Claiming to be a Russian Noble, William Tattenbaum was a colorful character, prone to tall tales, so most people, though they believed he was Russian, put little stock into his claims that he was the son of a wealthy Russian aristocrat, the Countess Telfrin. 

Taking on the nickname of “Russian Bill,” he also claimed to have been an officer in the Czar’s exclusive Imperial White Hussars. He explained that he left Russia because he was going to face an embarrassing court-martial for striking a superior officer. 

Bill dressed like a “dandy,” was immaculately clothed, carried the best pistols, and paid particular attention to his curly blonde hair and mustache. It was obvious that he was well educated, spoke four languages, and attempted to discuss art, literature, and science with the very few he came into contact with, and who could converse on such a level.

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