Friday, June 11, 2021

The Ravens: Covert War in Laos - The CIA's Secret War during Vietnam and the Men Who Fought It

 VIDEO HERE  (45:15 minutes)


  1. Back in the mid 80’s, I was stationed with one of the guys who flew these missions. He was flyin Hawgs by then, and I was one of the crew chiefs in the same squadron. Wrote a book about his time with the Ravens, The Lair of Ravens. Pretty decent read..

  2. Good number of Hmong now ripping up the forest in Humboldt County to grow dope.

    1. Back in the early 90s we started getting some outstanding weed from Canada called BC Bud. Turns out it was grown indoors by the Hmong in British Columbia. It was around for a few years and then just disappeared. I don't know if the RCMP clamped down on them or what.

    2. I bet it was too cold for them up there and too easy to bust them on the say-so of power bills alone. So they just moved south to grow in their heavily fortified redoubts with their Sheriff-terrifying and heavily armed guerrilla farmers. I just know the word is down there: Do NOT piss off the Hmong. Even though it's legal, their grows are still illegal, and messing with the watersheds in a pretty big way.

      And, of course, the legal hippie growers are wrathful as hell about it, and the even more hippie locals are pitching fits about the racism of it all, and it's become SO tedious I stopped keeping up with the news from SoHum. Just for sure the Sheriff doesn't want to risk it. Fish and Wildlife does now have a special task force for this, though, so maybe they'll budge before there are zero salmon left to get het up about.

  3. Here are three well worth reading. I'm too lazy to get up and walk around the corner to get the author's names but you find the titles you can find them.

    Non-Fiction: Tragic Mountains about the Hmong and how they got forked over.
    Non-fiction: The Ravens about the FAC's and other aviation in Laos.
    Fiction: The Laotian Fragments, also about FAC's in Laos.

  4. I knew some Hmong people when I lived in SoCal - I found them to be nicer people than some Viets I've known.


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