Thursday, June 24, 2021

Washing Eggs – The Why And How

There is an age-old debate surrounding the idea of washing fresh eggs, and there are really two ways of looking at it. 

To understand why there are so many questions surrounding the great-egg-washing debacle, we need to go over the concerns surrounding egg-washing.


I don't care for refrigerated eggs so I leave mine on the counter until I'm ready to use them or give them away. They're rarely more than a week old at that point anyway because as soon as I get a dozen I either run them across the road to the neighbors or I give them to whoever stops by for a visit.


  1. We only washed them if there was hen shit on them.

  2. We don't wash our eggs until we're ready to use them. If I sell them I wash them and advise the buyer to refrigerate them and use them within a week.


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