Wednesday, July 28, 2021

And pants were shat that day



  1. I lived in an apartment not unlike those in the pictures in my youth.

    One afternoon, a thunderstorm started. So I grabbed a beer and went out to the balcony to watch. Just as I was sitting down, the building got hit like that picture (or the one facing me). I don't know, all I saw was a blinding light and heard a kaboom that rattled my soul.

    I nearly shit myself. I ran back inside and looked for a bed to hide under.

  2. 1965.
    Gettysburg National Monument.
    Lightning hit a cannon about thirty yards away.
    Loud... my ears are still ringing.

  3. That could power a large city for a day if we could harness lightning like that

  4. Reminds me of the day the 100kw FM transmitter arced at the Radio station where I was a DJ. It was a top-40 format, but the AM station in the same building was black gospel and at that moment about 50 or so were in attendance in the studio next to mine. Blue flame shot out of the junction box with a super loud kerBAMM! Spooked ain't the word for it! As I recall it took them about half a second to clear out!


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