Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Biden’s Approval Rating Hits Lowest Point Since Taking Office

As President Joe Biden faces concerns over the economy and the crisis at the southern border, his polling numbers have dipped to the lowest point since he took office.

Polling data released by Gallup found that Biden’s approval rating has dropped to 50%, down six points from the previous month.


Given the shit state of the economy, I'd say these numbers are way too high, but these are the same pollsters that predicted a landslide win for Hillary in 2016, so there's that...


  1. If the fucking news said tomorrow was Wednesday, I would have to check the calendar.

  2. The news media have been caught lying so many times, that I just assume everything the say is false.

  3. Well, this makes sense, since he ain't the President.

  4. Hillary knew she could have gotten the Biden treatment.
    "Why aren't l 50 points ahead?", she angrily wondered in 2016.
    Enigma machine for election results goes deep.
    These people have stolen elections for ages.

  5. 50% huh, sure and I have ocean front property in Tucson. Xiden's popularity with libturds is less than 30%, in the general public it's under water.

  6. amongst my people he has a rating of zero, naught, nada

  7. even the dead voters are getting tired of joe xiden

  8. In the early '80s I car pooled with a Polish guy that had fled from behind the Iron Curtain, from what he said, basically we are there now, were commie land was in the '70s.

  9. All the fuckers do is lie to us, yet they're 'mystified' as to why all this "vaccine hesitancy".
    They're either stupid or malevolent; leaning to the latter.

    1. Many think the jab is population control. Personally, I think it's the prequel to "The Walking Dead".


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