Monday, July 26, 2021

Gardner meltdown deepens: Who falsely put prosecutor's electronic signature on 28 cases?

Incompetence might only be a secondary issue in the scandal at the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s office. Yesterday, KSDK reported that Kim Gardner’s office had repeatedly failed to show up at hearings or respond to a judge’s order in a murder case, leading to the dismissal of the charges and the apparent flight of the subject. Gardner’s office tried to pass this off as confusion over maternity leave, which itself is rather suspect. 


  1. There was no confusion from her when she went after the couple who defended their property, during the riots

    De Oppresso Liber

  2. Expect much much more of this (Healthcare, Air Traffic Controllers, etc.) as these "types" of people are put into positions of importance by the progressive agenda.

    1. ATC already had it happen Under Obama. They tried to stuff it with a bunch of minorities regardless of their actual skill. Stopped it (at least for a while after a bunch of near misses and (I believe) at least one midair.
      Wouldn’t be surprised if they dusted off the old ‘what minority are you?’ tests against soon.

    2. And here's the reason to not fly United for a while:

      And you're not supposed to call it a "cockpit" anymore.

  3. Trash in, trash out

  4. Huh, wonder what the race of the defendant was.

  5. IMO - The Socialist are doing these things on purpose, its not an accident that a murderer went free. Its a mistake if one signature was used incorrectly, its on purpose when it happens 28 times!

  6. thats what happens when the patients take over the mental ward

  7. Whoever forged those signatures is complicit in murder and should be prosecuted as such but I'm betting it will be found out to be a well connected democrat....


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