Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Leftwing Losers

I admit I was worried last January. It really seemed as if the Left had taken it all and that nothing stood between them and their goals. The Supreme Court, Electoral College, HR-1, criminalization of firearms, rollback of immigration reforms, and all that just to start. 

I wasn’t alone in this. Submissions here at AT relentlessly beat the doom and damnation drum: it was all over. The Terror was about to begin. Prepare for the American Gulag. 

But all the time, something kept telling me: they’re leftists -- they will screw it up.


  1. It's been a suck ass roller coaster ride

  2. It will be a younger Democrat, one from the generation that knows no history, believes all the crazy, and especially the demonization of all White, Male, Conservatives.

    They'll be more than happy to give the order for loading the cattle cars. Laugh at AOC now, but I see her as a true believer and totally immoral.

  3. I'm all for belittling Demonrats. Just don't make the mistake of underestimating them or the idiots that vote for this ilk.


  4. Yes....being leftists they WILL screw it all up. But since they OWN the media, academia, Big Tech, about 90% of the judiciary and the JustUs Department there is NOBODY left to hold them accountable for their crimes, abuses and incompetence. There is only ONE REMEDY left for normal Americans seeking to end the lefts ongoing campaign to destroy us and the country. VIOLENCE....lots and lots of violence.

  5. Search 33 year old Jordan Hayes

    Who twitted a nasty statement to the unvaxxed I hope you and your relatives die.

    1. BillyBob in TexasJuly 28, 2021 at 5:23 PM

      LOL, Karma is a nasty cold bitch Jordan. LOL.

  6. They always over reach. In the past that was met with sweeping wins at the voting booth. I think that supefruge is over. Do you really think they’ll let a 2021 vote happen? Just to cheat again?

    They have always reminded me of those sophomore poli-sci majors running around campus getting all worked up about who’s going to be the intermural sports commissioner. Now I know that was just training.


  7. Just because the commies are fucking up, it does not follow that common sense - even in a limited degree - will ever return to American government.


  9. Don't forget Hillary 2.0 is going to enter the ring soon.


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