Monday, August 02, 2021

Biden’s DOJ Denies January 6 Prisoners Constitutional Right to Speedy Trial

A group of six Republican lawmakers held a press conference outside the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Tuesday to demand answers about the treatment of those arrested over the Jan. 6 Capitol breach. Congress members Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), Louis Gohmert (R-Texas), Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), Bob Good (R-Va.) and Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) gave remarks from a podium outside the office of the DOJ. 

“We want to know how the detainees are being treated inside the jails,” Greene began before introducing Gohmert. 

“We have received reports about mistreatment in the jails,” Gohmert claimed, adding, “We have been asking for months for meetings with the attorney general.”


  1. Boomers are always going, "muh Constitution, muh Constitution". But that old doc has been abrogated piecemeal to where it hardly matters. These days govt. does what they like, laws hardly matter to them. They house their squads of dependocrats in homes rent free, one's hardly allowed to post on social media without knowing the speech codes du jour, and there's 50K laws coast to coast for that unfringable right to have a gun.

    Nobody much cared as this has slipped away bit by bit over the decades. They just kept voting for more good feelings out of other peoples' wallets and waddling between the TV and frig while sniffing the jocks.

    So the right to a speedy trial? meh The longer it takes the more lucrative for the legal guild that rules us.

    And that's my rant for today. --grrrr

    1. Please don't take this the wrong way but those like yourself are part of the problem - boomers or otherwise. You are ignorant of our constitution and of our republic. Per your reference to "boomers", I ascertain you belong to a subsequent generation. Therefore I do not have the background to grasp the scope of your ignorance. Thus I will relate the ignorance of my boomer generation.

      Before I get into what we were not taught, we were taught American history among other things. I say this because I have a daughter, in high school, who cannot even say what Pearl Harbor or D-Day was, much less their significance. We were taught we live in a free country, a democracy based on a two-party system. We were taught that, as responsible citizens, it is our duty to vote.

      What we (I personally, but I've seen evidence of this being wide-spread) were NOT taught: the difference between a constitutional republic and a democracy, our freedoms are immutable, our responsibility and duty as citizens are far more extensive than mere voting - we are to hold our representatives (not our "leaders") responsible for everything they do in office, every dime they spend, the so-called "two-party system" is a scam devised to allow the controllers to seize the machinery of the representative process. Along with volumes more.

      You are almost exactly correct when you say this has slipped away. Almost I say because the law of the land has not really "slipped" away, it was usurped. Here's how:

      Our public school system has indoctrinated citizens for 100 years, give or take. Search for John Dewey + Karl Marx. The income tax and the Federal Reserve enslaves us financially. FDR instituted (in more ways than one) Social Security - one of the most ingrained socialist programs ever to be initiated. All of this and more occurred while we and our parents and grandparents and their parents and grandparents stood idly by. With programs and institutions such as the above, our rights and freedoms have shrunk as these have expanded.

      My generation looks back on a much more stable nation, yet we grew up in the 60's where protests, bombings and riots were part of the landscape. Even so, those times are nothing like we see today. One can literally say things have gotten progressively worse.

      Is there a solution? Certainly. However with every day that passes, I become more and more skeptical of such a solution taking hold. It would take WE the People – the citizens of this nation - to stand up and demand a return to a limited government, a constitutional republic. It would not happen overnight. Even a flesh wound takes time to heal, our nation requires several major surgeries. As a Christian, I no longer see this happening without divine intervention from God Almighty.

      Strangely enough, the article Ken linked to was written by Richard Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government. I never heard of him before today, but I suspect we have a similar perspective. I detect more than a little cynicism in your rant. I cannot blame you. My own cynicism has morphed into something more like reluctant acceptance. I have not given up. I will never give up, even if our constitution is formally declared null and void. Why? Because, ultimately my rights stem, not from the document founding our republic, but from God Almighty. They are indeed immutable and I will defend them to my last breath.

    2. Oh Andy Seriously Man I just have to put my head in my hands and either laugh of cry at what you just wrote...Did you even proof read that before you hit lost...The brainwashing sure worked on you where you can spout about the Constitution, God, Schools not teaching, and defending your rights but you couldn't even be bothered to protect your most precious gift which is your child...You said that the school system was an indoctrination center right after you told us that your daughter who is in highschool aka the public school system wasn't learning anything...Can you not fucking see what you just said...Dammit man you say your going to defend your rights but you couldn't even keep your kids out of the clutches of the state...Yea that's who I want standing by my side one that failed on that simple matter but is going to take on the world...You really need to do some self reflection seriously...

  2. The Amerikan FUSA Gulag is live and occupied in the District of Criminals. It's a disgrace.

  3. Constitutional rights, I don't remember what those were, do you, comrade Biden?
    SARC/ or maybe not so much, anymore.
    John in Indy

  4. Communists don't believe in pesty things like rights

    1. Exactly Right the only thing they believe is Power...To bad the Right can't pull it's head out of it's ass and realize Liberty only happens if the good guys have the Power to enforce it...

  5. Congressman need to obtain a writ of habeas corpus.

  6. The useless repubs get real demanding when they know they don't have the power to do jack. (Not a statement in support of the evil dems)

    And how about Devin Nunes about a week ago telling us the Durham Report will be out in about a week. LOL ! How do these idiots sleep at night.

    1. I'm thinking quite a few of them sleep during the day inside coffins...

  7. A guy with a whistle did everything he could to disrupt that press conference. Obviously a Demonrat plant.


  8. The track record for the DOJ, FBI and ATF does not instill faith in the two tiered Justice system.
    One system of justice for the establishment elite (Hillary & Bill, Obama and the Biden crime syndicate, Capitol Police, elected officials, corrupt lawyers of the DOJ, FBI and ATF). The other justice system for the rest of us.
    Lady Justice is manipulated to look the other way for the elite and the federal attorneys manipulate the legal system to imprison those who dare to set foot in the people's House.
    The Justice System is corrupt.

    1. I think the cover of Unintended Consequences is where we are at with the Justice system to bad the Right are too stupid to understand that and think the Constitution still matters...If we understood that the men who enforce the constitution is what matters then maybe we could have the Liberty we desire...


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