Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Homeschooling Is an Option for Parents Who Don’t Like Back-to-School Mask Mandates

School districts across the country are beginning to impose mask mandates for all students and staff this fall. Officials in Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington, DC declared last week that everyone in school buildings will be required to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status. 

These school districts are going beyond current CDC guidelines, which recommend masking for unvaccinated students and staff only. Instead, they seem to be embracing the masking stance of the American Academy of Pediatrics which announced last week that all students over age two, as well as staff, should wear masks at school even if they are vaccinated.


  1. The school system in my little town has seen 11% of the students not return post-Covid. Instead their parents are homeschooling them. I can guess they've had enough of the Covid BS as well as the increasingly 'woke' curriculum being shoved down the students' throats.

  2. Our local school district didn't put any mask bullshit into the return to school information but our dumbass governor reempossed his stupid mask mandate Monday. It goes into effect today which just happens to be my grandson's 1st day back. Of course our useless republican majority house and senate will do absolutely nothing but sit on their asses. Just like for everything else.

    1. fill out an online homescchooling declaration, walk down to the school and hand them a withdrawal form, and then get on with life.
      in most states it's that simple.
      if it isnt that simple in your states, its time to move.

    2. I would if it was my son but being the grandfather is only going to get me so far. Both my son and ex daughter in law work full time jobs and neither really believe in home schooling. Also my grandson just made 1st string on the school's football team so he's pretty stoked. He and I have a great relationship and he tells me most everything so I'm not in the dark .
      I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

  3. homeschooling is an answer to a lot of things, especially avoiding the overall culture rot that is public schools.
    if masks are the final straw, that is as good a reason as any to leave.

    every newspaper headline underscores that there are two incompatible cultures.

  4. DO IT! We did it back in the 90's best decision we made. And don't buy the "socialization" BS thats just code for turning your kids against everything you stand for!


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