Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Border Patrol Requested Additional Aid in Del Rio Months Before Thousands of Migrants Arrived

Border Patrol agents requested additional federal aid in Del Rio, Texas, months before thousands of migrants set up a temporary camp under an international bridge and overwhelmed immigration officials, CNN Politics reported Thursday. 

Border officials reported an increase in migrants crossing the Rio Grande River earlier in the summer but didn’t know more than 14,000 migrants would end up setting up camp under the bridge, according to CNN Politics. On June 1, the union representing Del Rio Border Patrol agents asked for additional technology resources to help agents quickly process large groups of migrants in the field before sending them to a station.


  1. Here’s a thought, why not turn them back from where they are coming from. Stop them from entering and you won’t have to process anyone.

  2. If comrade slo jo & da ho say the border is closed, well fukin close the damn border. A couple well placed rounds will turn back a large segment. All Border Patrol needs do is enforce existing law. And all border states are complicit in allowing this to happen regardless of what dipshit inna house says. It is after all, their border.

  3. Here's another thought, why not determine who's paying for their transport and put a hold on him/them. That way "you won’t have to process anyone."

  4. You'd think the Border Patrol guys - at least the low-level ones - would be seriously re-evaluating what the future is if they stay with the gummint. They might as well have their name taxes labeled "Expendable" at this point.


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