Thursday, September 16, 2021

Commentary: Joe Biden Is an "America Last" President

If Joe Biden has been consistent about anything since assuming the presidency, it has been his pathological habit to get stuck on one colossal mistake by committing another just like it, causing equal or greater damage to the country. So long as it momentarily appeases the never-satisfied extreme Left that sustains him, Biden apparently has no problem throwing more oily rags onto the dumpster fire. He is truly the “America Last” president. 


  1. LET'S BE CLEAR: 'colossal mistake'.
    It is not Buyden who makes those mistakes. It is his handlers, put their by their voters, who make that 'mistake'.
    And those things to them are not a 'mistake': they are deliberate.
    One 'mistake' they'll never make though: make mean tweets, or, correction, allow the Main Scream Media to label any of their tweets as 'mean'.

    1. Agree Let's Be Clear, Biden and his handlers are destroying the country on purpose. Almost a self induced increase in entropy. The cherry will be when the Fed decides to turn off the spigot and crash the economy, wiping out the middle class. The poor and working poor and already ass broke.

    2. Be fair - Biden is more than dumb and incomptent enough to make all of these fuckups on his own. Yeah, he's being led into them, but let's not pretend like it would be better if it was just him on his own.

  2. Correction - the last duly-elected American President was Donald J. Trump. The dementia patient was installed.

  3. There are no mistakes. He's been a political WHORE for almost 50 years. You can find old interviews with him that back that up.

  4. The picture with the story: Every time I see an Afghan man, I think: Good sight alignment, good sight picture, squeeze trigger, world's a better place.


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