Thursday, September 23, 2021

FDA Panel Discussion: “COVID Vaccines Are Killing More People Than They’re Saving”

The FDA’s official YouTube channel posted a livestream hours ago where a panel member admits COVID vaccines are killing more people than they’re saving, effectively declaring them ineffective & HIGHLY dangerous. 


  1. Which is why I will never get the jab! (Doc says that I've got the natural antibodies, after being diagnosed in November/December 2019 with a respiratory infection showing all the markers of C-19. Yeah, I survived, surprise!)

  2. Try to remember a few years before all this covid nonsense started. Do you recall all the nonstop commercials about tracing your family geneology? You know, 23 and me,, Family Tree DNA, My Heritage, and a host of others, some of which do this testing for free. Are you thinking folks connecting the dots yet? Yea, and I was always called the "conspiracy nutjob" at work. Not so much nowadays... Ohio Guy

  3. I'll count myself lucky to have contracted the covid in a mild form, not requiring hospitalization and only lasting a week or so....since the natural immunity is 13 times greater than the vaccine....well, you know the rest....

  4. Dig into the guy and you'll find he doesn't really have much experience in this area, made the claim during a 'public comment' portion (where anyone could go in and make whatever claims they want)...and that he's got millions of dollars tied up in his own approach to treatment, so not exactly any more reliable than most other sources out there.

  5. If the vaccine was dangerous, they would have given it to poor people first instead of politicians and billionaires.

  6. Who says the politicians actually got the vaccine? Seems a lot of them have come down with Covid "after" getting the shot, + #2, +booster(?). But then again, the masks laws were never written for them...maybe the "real" vaccine wasn't developed for them.
    Ong Bing


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