Thursday, September 23, 2021

Let’s Take the FBI at Their Word

The leadership of the FBI have been very clear in saying, the number one threat in the United States is the rise of “Domestic Extremists.” This, they say, is the greatest threat to what they perceive as domestic peace and tranquility. Take them at their word, what does that say about their perspective? 

Consider… on June 13th of this year, an internal report from the Office of Inspector General painstakingly outlined how the FBI willfully, and with specific intent, facilitated, enabled and supported the ongoing rape, molestation and sexual predication of a known serial rapist, Larry Nassar.


  1. ...and just to add insult to injury, the first arrests for rape and child molestation perpetrated by newly "liberated" Afghani's are making news on SOME of the conservative sites, but not the MSM.

    So, they've been in country 2-3 weeks and the predicted assaults, rapes and molestation are happening. Can't wait for the cars and trucks ramming into crowds and the suicide vest and car bombers making their presence felt, probably with the assistance of the EFF BEE EYE in supplying the e.x.p.l.o.s.i.v.e.s.


  2. After reading numerous articles about Larry Nassar, I'm still unclear about just what he was doing. Was he actually having sex with these girls, or was he molesting them in some other way? I read in one article that there was some controversial so-called 'medical procedure' during which he was - if I read correctly between the lines - inserting his fingers in their vaginas. The article was somewhat vague.

    1. Yep, he was violating them digitally under the guise of a physical exam/procedure, some as young as 10. One girl said he was sporting a boner all the while. There's a documentary on prime or netflix. One sick fucker.

  3. Of course the FBI considers patriotic Americans to be "domestic extremists". The FBI is an organ of the American Communist Party nee Demonrats. They are a PART Of the crime cabal trying to destroy the country.

  4. The babylon bee had a funny on their ability to solve crimes they did not create. Prolly more reality than we can imagine. Nassar, kiddy diddler, inmates don't take to kindly to those kind can't wait for the future news.

  5. The FBI is right. Except, as has become the norm, they are wrong about the group that is the problem.

    It's not native born Americans, white, black or other. It the emigrants brought here under guise of "refugee." Entities who have not been properly vetted with backgrounds associated with radical groups that hate the United States and her citizens.

    Like Ilhan Omar and those she supports.


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