Monday, September 20, 2021

Got that voodoo shit goin' on

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A man accused of throwing a 5-year-old girl head-first off a third-floor balcony Sunday believed the girl was a demon and “full of bad spirits,” according to a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrest report. 


“Angela said she and Jarick practice and believe in African Spirituality and on Saturday Jarick started talking about how he believed (the daughter) was full of bad spirits,” the arrest report reads. Matthews told police Willis basically believed the girl was a “demon.”


  1. But it's culturals and it be my religions. See whadda I'm sayings.

  2. The only bad spirits I’m detecting is Hennessy

  3. Does anyone have the statistics on mental illness in the African American population? They certainly seem to get points for drama.

    1. If you look at the elderly black population, you'll find a higher rate of old diagnosis of schizophrenia (would have been diagnosed back in the 1940s and 1950s) than the white population. The bias was one reason why DSM (Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) was developed in 1952.

      No longer could a doctor listen to someone and give them a psychiatric diagnosis. Instead, the patient was given a diagnosis of "Schizophrenic typal behavior" then if the behavior continued for 6 months, then the diagnosis could be given.

      The latest version DSM-V (2012) has many in the psych field questioning the validity of diagnoses.

      Psychiatrist Allen Frances has been critical of proposed revisions to the DSM-5. In a 2012 New York Times editorial, Frances warned that if this DSM version is issued unamended by the APA, "it will medicalize normality and result in a glut of unnecessary and harmful drug prescription."

      In a December 2012 blog post on Psychology Today, Frances provides his "list of DSM 5's ten most potentially harmful changes:"
      Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder, for temper tantrums
      Major Depressive Disorder, includes normal grief
      Minor Neurocognitive Disorder, for normal forgetfulness in old age
      Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, encouraging psychiatric prescriptions of stimulants
      Binge Eating Disorder, for excessive eating
      Autism, defining the disorder more specifically, possibly leading to decreased rates of diagnosis and the disruption of school services
      First-time drug users will be lumped in with addicts
      Behavioral Addictions, making a "mental disorder of everything we like to do a lot."
      Generalized Anxiety Disorder, includes everyday worries
      Post-traumatic stress disorder, changes "opened the gate even further to the already existing problem of misdiagnosis of PTSD in forensic settings."

      As you can see, even "normal" behavior from 70-80s would no long be classified as normal.

    2. Don't forget, blacks have a vastly higher incidence of MAO-A - otherwise known as the Warrior Gene. Really interesting reading and it would explain a lot.

  4. When bunnies from the jungle go bad.

  5. More medical action from the esteemed former head of the Wakanda Medical Association.

  6. Sounds like maybe throw him from the 6th floor. He's bigger so he can handle it

  7. I think it's "Ja Rick", first of all. Secondly - even if you 'practice' african voodoo witch doctor heathen fucktard bullshit, you just gotta know the deity isn't going to reveal anything to a fucking idiot.
    Original Grandpa


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