Monday, September 20, 2021

Just sayin'



  1. I'm retired, and to me the only thing different about Mondays is that it's the day I have to drag the totes out to the county road for pickup tomorrow morning.

    Life is good after working my ass off for 40 years.

    1. Roger that, Elmo. I was supposed to be retired last week. The company I work for, so nicely asked me to stay on another 2 weeks. So, again, I have 3 more work days to go till I'm finito there. Unless, of course, they sweeten the pot, yet again...Nawww. What company pays some old, greasy, monkey wrench to turn a few screws for over 30 an hour? Ohio Guy

    2. Two years behind you, just completed my 40th year, out by 42.

  2. Yep. Get up every day doing WETHF I want to do.

  3. Sure ... rub it in.

  4. I'm retired also. Everyday is Saturday and every once in a while I throw in a Sunday and sleep in. I tell some of my buddies they need to make sure they go to work so I get my check. Always results in a F.O. Lol

  5. Retired from the Navy in 2002.....
    Retired from civilian flying on September 30, 2020...
    Life is good.


  6. this past March, I was let go from my "retirement job" after 6 years of being a thorn in management's side. They told me, I got up and walked out. They asked if I had any comment, I said "nope, you lose". 53 fucking years of servitude is enough.
    - Original Grandpa


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