Thursday, September 16, 2021

I'm telling you, that junk food will kill you

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — A driver died Wednesday in a freak accident while waiting for breakfast in the McDonald’s drive-thru line in Canada, investigators said. 

Vancouver police said the driver, whose identity has not been released, was paying for his meal at 5:30 a.m. when he dropped something outside his vehicle and tried to pick it up, the Bellingham Herald reported.


  1. How many people died from actually EATING that food?

  2. A few years ago a senior at my daughter's high school was going to tennis practice after school. The gear was under the rear seat of his vehicle. He raised the seat from the front and leaned down to get the gear. The set fell and latched pinning him to the floor and restricting his ability to breath. His iphone was nearby so he used siri to call his mom who called the police. He passed out and died before they could find him. It's a crazy world. This happened in Goodyear AZ.

  3. Hell of a way to the drive thru mass feeding trough, aka McD's. In a related story, herds of feeders complain of long wait times at McDonalds drive thru. Ohio Guy

  4. "I'm telling you, that junk food will kill you."

    Only if you're a moron who can't drive (or a democrat).


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