Thursday, September 16, 2021

Your Thursday Morning Florida Report

A Florida mother was arrested after she allegedly helped her son and another boy beat up one of their classmates. Authorities said that the victim was sitting with some friends near the sports complex at Indian Trails Middle School in Palm Coast when he was jumped by two boys. 

The victim was pushed to the ground and tried to fight back but told police the mother of one of the boys held him down as they continued to assault him.


  1. cant understand normal thinking????

  2. Too many mothers put themselves first and ignore the needs of their growing children, so I'm glad to hear this mom was helping her son in the Community Beat-Down competition.

  3. Violence. A game the whole family can play! Bring some friends too! Ohio Guy

  4. Good lord, that's a face that screams "crazy chick!"

  5. Can't pin down the ethnic origin but don't think cuban or mexican more like middle east shithole. One story claimed the bitch used a fucking taser on the kid.

    her webpage

    My passion is Capturing JOY

  6. *sigh* Home Sweet Home. One of my children goes to Indian Trails Middle School.


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